This is how the 4th store placed their first order – 3 locations in Tri State area – 
1 – We walked into the store and pitched the front salespeople > to which they responded something along the lines of “The owner is not here right now” > they gave us contact info etc. > and we ended with “would you like to see our toys anyways”? > we showed them the line and they all thought it was really cute > I think someone took a picture.
2 – We email followed up with the owner but received no response. Maybe twice.
3 – Walked in cold again a week later to drop off a toy sample for them to consider. When we walked in,  we asked for owner’s name, and someone went back to get them. The owner said they’d like to see the toys there and not keep any samples. They did not necessarily like and were not moved by the toys. They showed them to another family member that also works in the business and they did not like them either. They then took the toys to a few people on the floor (store manager, front clerk) and both said they loved them. Wrote an order on the spot. Visit all under 20 minutes.