Most warehousing companies (all?) will integrate with a Shopify website. Only some will integrate with Squarespace without additional integration work. (Again, warehousing companies are those that will receive & store your product, and handle customer shipping and returns). So, we are actually switching from Squarespace to Shopify. We’re working on this now. But, we aren’t ready to launch a full website. We’d like to start with a Splash Page. So, we’re just in the middle of looking into whether and how we can do this EASILY with Shopify. Some Q&A with Shopify customer service.

We’d like to start with just a splash page, where we collect email addresses so that we can notify people when we launch. What is the easiest way to do this? Should we have our coder create the custom HTML? Or, is there an out of the box template that we can use?

Shopify:On this page,: halfway down it shows how to collect customer email addresses, it would require a tiny bit of code but it is possible 🙂


Us:We don’t want the “Password protected” messaging on our splash page. Is that required?

Shopify:You can remove it but it would require some more advanced coding unfortunately but a Shopify Expert would be able to set that up for you if you go to


Us:OK. And, could we also remove that “powered by Shopify” text at the bottom? We can’t do a solution that has 3rd party advertising.


We estimate it might cost us $100 to have a Shopify expert or our own software engineer customize the HTML to handle these slight tweaks we need. No big deal. And, goodbye Squarespace.