Day 393

I sit in a board of a non-profit start-up – that is seeking to improve patient health and patient care through the education and training of pharmacists in third-world countries. I have a board meeting this afternoon.

So many moving parts with this start-up business right now though.

I’ve decided to pitch to an exclusive to one of the big-box stores for the upcoming holiday season. I am wrapping up all loose ends prior to reaching out for those meetings.

Loose ends include:

– Confirm product packaging for clothing accessories

– Finish prototypes for the remaining clothing accessories 

– Finish design of product label tags + handtags

– Second round of product photography

By the way, product photography is a lot harder than it seems. So incredibly detail oriented. Folds and creases in fabrics show up like craters in shoots. I am practicing what poses or “shots” we will want to win during the shoot. This way, we’ll go into our session with very focused objectives (desired shots, angles, poses, etc.).

I had to use a weight to achieve the sitting position of one of our dogs here.