I almost forgot that the tracking label requirement applies to ALL of our toys and products. As a side note, the tracking label requirement is the ONLY CSPC requirement for toys (that don’t present a choking hazard).

Information about the tracking label requirement is here: http://cpsc.gov/trackinglabel

The requirement:

  • Required to be on or affixed to all toys + toy packaging
    • Minus the “to the extent practicable” exception on the ‘+’ rule
  • Label/information must include (But, does not need to be on same singular label):
    • Manufacturer’s or private labeler’s name
    • Location and date of production
    • Batch or run #

For example, it might look like this:


For us, we might say:

Name of our company
Born in NYC
Made in Jakarta, Indonesia
March 2016
Run # 1