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I had some further questions about PA’s toy regulations, so I gave them a quick call this morning.

Do we need only one PA registration number for each factory? Or, does the PA registration number change from product to product?
> Answer: An importer can obtain a PA registration number for each factory they work with. This is required if the factory does not have a master PA registration # that they can use across brand accounts (seems 95% of their applications do not have master PA registration #s). So, we will ask our manu if they have a PA #, if not we need to apply for one. And, we will need one for each factory (and this # will not change across toys).

What if we enter the market now with one toy and then we want to enter the market 6 months from now with another toy – does the PA number change? Do we need to go through some kind of application process again?
> Answer: The PA number won’t change. But, you will still need to submit a sample toy for the Dept. to test. The Dept. will test it and issue you a pass/fail result. If it passes, you are permitted to enter the market with the same PA #. If it fails, it will be illegal for you to enter the market using your PA #. So technically, the first samples you submit will not have any PA reg # tagging on the toys. Samples 6 months from now (after you have already been issues a PA #) may have sewn-in PA reg. # tags.

Our manufacturer has sent us a Golden Sample of our toy. We have approved this sample for production. Can we submit this sample to your Dept. as part of the PA reg. # application?
> Answer: No. You must attest (notarized) that the sample you are submitting is a random sample that picked from a production run of toys that are intended to be sold. It needs to be a random sample from a production run. They advised us to ask our manufacturer what their minimum production run quantity is and then to do a do one of these runs.

The application form is here.

They advised OH and MA are different and to check with each.