Two days before Christmas. And, I am so bummed and anxious over one of my factory relationships. As I have written before, I engaged two separate toy factories in Indonesia to create countersamples of our line. Both came back far and above better than the factory that we initially worked with through our sourcing agent (we have moved on past both relationships). However, one factory “A” came back with countersamples way better than  the second “B”. Immediately, I wrote back saying that the work was superb (that was first week of December) and that we would like to move forward with an order. The President of the factory wrote back letting me know that the gentleman that was our liason and managing our account is no longer with the company and that the President would be taking over our account moving forward. There were emails back and forth with the President early December. But, for the last two weeks, I haven’t been getting responses. We’ve been starting to schedule appointments to show our line early January. I need pricing and guarantees on order delivery windows prior to our meetings (or so I was hoping for them). Most of all, I am nervous as to ‘why’ the company is not responding. Paranoia is setting in. Should we have engaged the factory with a Non-Disclosure Agreement? What if they are getting ready to sell our ideas and concepts to the highest bidder?