Looking back on our progress this last week.

1) #1 priority still managing manufacturer progress. We are very close now to receiving back first round of countersamples from new factories. Received back photos of countersamples from both. Manu 2 came through and sent photos back of countersample round. UPS is such a bigger pain to set up than FedEx. Not sure why. Also, one of the factories took apart the golden sample that we sent to them. I guess they did this to see reverse engineer how one of our plush toys was made. Problem is now they don’t have a perfect sample to compare their final to. This will probably cost me another sample and another round of mailing costs ($500 for back and forth).

2) Social media update. Well our Instagram following is growing even though we are not posting anything at this point (waiting for dog manufacturing samples because we sent all our originals out). I’m not sure if the followers are legit or not. We are up to 282 on Instagram. Twitter experiment is working (but not company’s Instagram account). Twitter up to 281 from 30 three weeks ago. Pinterest stagnant. Turned it off earlier. Followers at 11. Just turned Pinterest from autopin.co back on w/ auto following of boards turned on this time.

3) Other stuff. Sculptor in NYC (NO) need a few more days to come back w/ first sculptures. Will likely see this this next week. Reached out to CAD designer to ask for draft of BO concept. The collar concepts need to be spec’d out. The bowl concepts need to be spec’d out as well. The fabric mill is sending me samples of fabrics as a next step (they also had a showroom in NYC but mail is easier at this point). Ordered fabric swatch samples from Spoonflower as well. Spoonflower is great for small run fabric printing. For me, I wanted to get a sense of the various print size renders on fabrics (small print, smaller print, larger print, etc.). So, I ordered a whole bunch of swatches with our print in various scales. Ordered on the organic cotton.