Let’s see here … What progress did we make last week … I’ll sum up in a few buckets …

1) #1 priority remains managing manufacturer progress: Received first images back from manu 1 on one main toy + smaller toy. Asked for then received a video of main toy in addition to pictures. Video is volumes better than pictures. I would recommend to anyone managing a production run to ask for video instead of pictures. With video, you can pause to a thousand different pictures angles. Plus, you can get a sense for the movement of the item. Manu 2 delaying countersampling due to priorities with other clients.

2) Second highest priority remains social media: Our twitter experiment is working, at least in our estimation. We are increasing follows on a twitter account (not Lollipup’s) by about 80 per week. Our Pinterest boards are pretty inactive right now unfortunately. But, we kind of think that Pinterest is really about people or companies sharing pictures that then get shared. And, not about driving follows on a particular brand. Actually, I’ll take that back. We do think it is about driving follows to brands or boards – but that one needs to post either a very large number of pictures to drive followings, or, proprietary pics that are worth shares. We don’t have the manpower to share a ton of pics. And, we aren’t quite ready to share brand pictures yet, because we’d like to drive to something (our website or Kickstarter). So, we are kind of icing this for now. Instagram is one we have been paying attention to. We are up to 192 followers on Instagram but we really only have 9 pics up. This is mostly because we’ve been thinking about how we’d like to approach our Instagram account. I think I had an aha moment over the weekend. I think I’d like the Instagram account to not only show pictures of finished product, but also pictures of how we are building this thing. The story behind Lollipup.

3) Working on other concepts: Reached out to 1st Knit Manufacturer (U.S.) to inquire about manufacturing our fabric for matching kid + dog clothing in the U.S. Reached out to a manu in L.A. We went into this ignorantly thinking that we just need to find a manu for a knit fabric. Turns out there are many many different kinds of knit. And, so we are starting to learn about knits. (Helpful starter here: a slideshare on knit types). Turns out this manu is a circular knit manu – which they say is the kind we need in order to product a fabric that is similar to the fabric used for tight-fitting PJs. Three other things we learned in our 1st conversation w/ a knit manufacturer: 1) This manu does not have a stock program; they only sell entire dyelots. This means we can’t order 100 or 300 yards of the fabric. Instead, we would need to order an entire dyelot, which in their case is 800-1200 yards. A dyelot is a production run of fabric, which is then dyed. 800-1200 yards is a lot for us but it might work at the end of the day. 2) We would like our print printed onto the fabric, however we didn’t know what kind of printing this is called. I knew it wasn’t screenprinting. >> Turns out that it is called a ‘pigment print using rotary print technology’. At least we have the term down. 3) Trying to determine if we can come in and take a look at (so we can choose from) fabric options …. We are also working on another plastics concept, which is in the hands of sculptor in NYC, and we are awaiting first round of work on the concept.