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Spent an inordinate amount of time on social media – learning it, using it, reading about it, and putting things into practice. I had not been big on using social media channels.

Terminated agreement with our sourcing agent today. We will be going at the rest of it on our own – managing direct relationships w/ our factories.

Received notice from USPTO that our trademark application was rejected on particular grounds – with notice and time to appeal their decision. We’ll hire an attorney to handle the next part of the process.

Reached out to a local toy designer (sculptor) (NO) this week to discuss a different dog food concept + B concept. (Don’t like any of the online signature services out there BTW … I think I must have tried EVERY SINGLE ONE. Ended up using HelloSign. RightSignature is old school. And, they kept spamming me with quote on quote customer service chat/emails/follow-ups. Advice: Make your product usable without having to a rep explain to you how to use it. What year do we live in?)

Sent second samples off to manufacturers. Hoping for quicker turnaround to next step(s).