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I don’t know why, but I have been giving thought as to how to best manage talent. My thinking converged on the following 3 principles. That is, 3 questions/conversations I believe a manager should have to have again and again with hired talent.

1. First – Thinking and conversations should start off with a refreshing of memories as to what the person’s roles and responsibilities are within the organization. I find that management of talent hits a hole frequently because of people simply forgetting the purpose of the relationship in the first place. This is helpful to both management and talent. The crucial question or reminder is “Why are you here. And, what are the expectations?”

2. Second – The second thing I believe management should continuously ask a person under his or her purview is: “What is it that I can do for you so that you can do best execute on your responsibilities?”. Again, this is a “What can I do for you?” question.

3. Third – The third thing is I believe management should continuously look out for what is possibly frustrating talent within the organization. What is it about [this job] that you don’t like very much or that you find frustrating? You play a very important role [here]. And, I’d like to make sure that this is a long-term relationship. What is something that could change that would make life better?