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This entry is about our research around the corrugated box (AKA cardboard box) packaging that we’ll need for direct-to-consumer orders/shipping.

Corrugated board/boxes, because they are factory made on machines called corrugators and made from the raw material of paper, can be cost-effectively sourced in the U.S. What one needs to do is find a handful of different corrugated box manufacturers from which to receive quotes. If one is ordering a small order (less than a container full), finding a box manufacturer in close proximity to one’s delivery address is a good idea. This is because while corrugated boxes are inexpensive, shipping them to your physical address can add a significant line item to your bill. If on the other hand one is ordering a container full of boxes, then going with a large paper company and box manufacturer like Georgia-Pacific can make sense.

Our Box Quotes for direct-to-consumer shipping:

We are looking to purchase rectangular boxes (RSC boxes to be specific), white background, with a one-color printed design on them. RSC (regular slotted carton) boxes are boxes of a particular design that are cost-effective because of their efficient design (which leads to the minimum manufacturer’s waste). Because of this, they are the most common type of box that one finds on his doorstep. This is what they look like folded vs. flatted out:

rsc corrugated box in white

We requested quotes from a handful of regional box manufacturers per the following:
– Dimensions: RSC boxes, 13 inches long, 7 inches wide, 7 3/4 inches high
– Quantity: 5K pieces
– Printed design on white background
And, here are a few of the quotes we got back! Notice the printing requires a one-time charge to set up the printing plates. Almost all manufacturers will send you a sample of the box you requested quoted immediately.

Quote from corrugated box company in NJ: $0.458 per piece


Quote from company in CT: $0.318 per piece