Well, here it goes. Time for brass tax effort. Of the kind that is less fun that designing. I am going to make my first reach outs to toy stores. And, I am going to focus on Fairfield County CT and Marin County CA. Let’s see how this process works. I don’t know anything about the process of selling to local mom & pop toy stores. But, I guess I am going to learn. And, I’ll keep blogging about it. Step one is just calling them.

Smart Kids Toys – Greenwich, CT
Graham’s – Greenwich, CT
Giggle – Greenwich, CT
Stamford Toys – Stamford, CT
Toy Chest – Wilton, CT
Darien Toy Box – Darien, CT
Magic Beans – Fairfield, CT

Bergdorf’s – New York, NY

Fairfax Variety – Fairfax, CA
For Paws – Fairfax, CA (pet store)
Pet Food Express – 56 stores in Cali