I wrapped up and signed our agreement for rights to our initial illustrations. I purchased the logo outright (copyright worldwide). Exclusive worldwide rights on the spot illustrations with an option trigger for copyright rights. And exclusive worldwide rights on the dog house. That was a little bit stressful because rights were ambiguous at the start (I assumed they were not ambiguous and included copyright to all). And so we had to go through this negotiation at the tail end of things. However, the option right satisfies my need for absolute clarity and certainty around something we consider a core asset. And, it satisfies the agent’s desire to retain copyright for the artist until/unless additional compensation is secured. I have never had the pleasure of working with such an amicable counterparty. I hope to be able to do a lot of business with this agent. I might say this about the agency but also the particular agent at this agency that was representing the artist. The artist himself, a young emerging talent, is phenomenal. The agency is based in the U.K so I had to read up on copyright law in the U.K. as well this time. The key thing here is that copyright assignment in the U.K. like in the U.S. requires unambiguous language and a signature on paper by the assignor of rights. The agency sent me a signed one-pager that reflected this language.