Spent an inordinate amount of time this weekend organizing (the house but also family pictures on my hard-drive > cloud). Organizing is key to starting the week well. Things need to be clean and totally organized for me to think and operate.

While things were uploading in the background, I dedicated the weekend to reading and learning as much as possible about Quality Control (QC) and everything one needs to do in order to “do” China well. Started with Dan Harris’ China Law Blog (basically reading everything for a second time) http://www.chinalawblog.com and then Renaud Anjoran’s Quality Inspection blog http://www.qualityinspection.org. Basically, lots of open space to just read …

The most important thing I gleaned and remembered – though I will write a follow-up post about this:

There are 4 types of quality inspections (that one can hire a third-party to do – or do themselves I suppose):
Pre-production inspection (5% of shipments do these)
During production inspection (AKA the DUPRO) (30%) *Most underrated yet most helpful
Final random inspection (80%)
Container loading inspection (5%)

Then spent time researching and picking a platform with which to create a landing page. AKA I googled “landing page for startups”. Research for about 10 minutes. Chose Squarespace. Linked my domain. Am about 75% done here.

Sent off a few emails. Since illustrator agent is in UK and China will be up in a few hours for Monday morning …

I am ready for Monday!