Day 189

Not too long ago, I started to embark on this journey of developing a plastic toy accessory that would go with our line of stuffed animal toys. My first ever conversation with a plastics manufacturer put me on notice that I’d need a 3D CAD file – need to send them a CAD file to even proceed to a conversation around feasibility and a quote. So, I found and hired an industrial toy designer to take my idea from an idea to a 3D CAD file.

Well, I received the 3D CAD file rendition of my dog food concept. And, next step is to print it to see how it turns out! I thought it would be as easy as going to the public library and printing the file on the library’s new 3D printers. Well, I was wrong. Failed 4 times. MakerBots didn’t want to read our file types. Then we couldn’t get the file size low enough. I finally gave up. And, at the recommendation of our CAD designer, turned to these online printing services. Oh my goodness they are AMAZING! They are Etsy-esque marketplaces where creators sell their wares! Amazing jewelry selections! Shapeways. Sculpteo.

I just uploaded and ordered a prototype of our first draft concept from Sculpteo. Unlike Shapeways, they can print in the color brown. (For the record, I also looked at printing with Fathom, but there were more expensive at $300 and also could not print in brown …). Just a $100 with Sculpteo and it is on it’s way!