I am trying to estimate my timeline and cost on an MOQ order of plush toys that I would like to receive before the holidays. In order to test the U.S. market in a very small but very quick way. Keep in mind that I have already gone through design and concept development on this toy. I had a conversation with sourcing agent today and here is the optimistic timeline she shared with me:

  • 15 days for custom plush material development (developing samples of the material that we are hoping to achieve from a quality and color perspective)
  • 30-35 days for plush material manufacturing after order placed, perhaps less if they minus the 15 as we are counting this separately (creating the plush material per approved sample and received PO)
  • 60 days for factory to manufacturer order post receipt of PO
  • 18-30 days for shipping (18 days for the fast boat – but this gets it only to California port). Does either cost point only get it to California?