Day 178

I’m still learning about everything I need to know to make sure that the toys that we bring to market are safe. I never imagined I would need to think about the safety of fabrics! Fabrics can be unsafe? I guess I am a little behind the times on this front. As I learn about fabric safety, specifically, I’m adding these safety requirements to both our Initial Manufacturer Questionnaire and our Quality Control Checklist (that will be used by us and our quality control agents to randomly test production runs before shipment).

Fabrics: Generally, the question is whether the manufacturer sourcing quality & safe fabrics?

  • Safety: Fabrics cannot contain harmful chemicals
    • Relevant laws: ASTM F963 (U.S.), EN71 part 3 (2013); EN71 part 9; REACH (Europe)
    • Generally, fabrics cannot contain: Azo dyes, formaldehyde, or flame retardants
    • However, when Congress (U.S.) adopted ASTM f963 as our toy safety regulation, it exempted textiles from testing requirements. More on this exemption here.
  • Open market fabrics
    • Have they been pre-tested or certified? For example, see the Oeko Tex standard
    • If not, will you need to do pre-production testing on the fabrics?
    • Isn’t it relevant to know the name of the fabric mill?
    • (If you are producing a custom fabric, will this affect the MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity per SKU from the factory?) Yes … obviously it will …