My sourcing agent asked to start billing hourly because the amount of hours that it is taking to complete Phase 1 is taking longer than expected. We defined Phase 1 as final product prototypes (I need a better definition of what are final product prototypes), tech packs, and costing. Neither of us seemed to remember the agreement, so when I referenced it, I had the opportunity to point out that we had indeed agreed upon a certain dollar amount for Phase 1 whereupon she would start to bill hourly should time exceed 25 hours. I might also point out that both of us needed to refer to our agreement to remember how we had even defined Phase 1. I will receive my first monthly bill at the end of June – uncertainty is the bane of my existence – any form of uncertainty.

She also pointed out that I had an issue with one of my sent prototypes – the dog purse – namely that no toy is permitted to have any continuous long piece of more than 12 inches as it would fail the chocking hazard test. I should ask for the name of the Toy Regulation in this instance. This was very helpful.
It is also time for me to make the first wire transfer to the Manu in China – and so I have asked for Manu name, address, and bank details. I will do due diligence here.