In Italy, staying in an uber wonderful apartment, difficult to think about work of any kind. This week, 1) I sent LB prototype(s) plus documentation on last Friday. I need to follow up with LB with higher quality digital images plus outline of stuff to do (instructions to pass onto Manu); though JPW created prototypes here, there is more work to be done because of issues that are bothering us after looking and staring at the designs for about a week; an issue with the rear leg, inconsistency with the eye backing, and removal of mouth seam which we have thus far deemed as unnecessary; lesson here is to be patient sitting on the design for 5 days on each round; the other lesson is to learn how to address and avoid a designer inadvertently changing things that you never asked to be changed from one version to the next; for example, why would eye backing a get smaller? Why would rear legs get longer? You ask for 3 changes and they get done but another 2 get slightly modified in the process thus one foot back for one foot forward; I would in the future ask a designer how he or she addresses this; 2) Review images from photographer SM and approve the ones to be finished/photoshopped (I also need to pass these high quality ones to LB to mark up and pass along to manu who will want to zoom in etc.; 3) Send design instructions to Folio (agency rep for illustrator I am hoping to work with AL) by end of day Wednesday